(Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, some readers have requested privacy)


• "Blown away!!! Got your book yesterday and finished it today. You are inspiring and I know when people

   read this, they will walk away with wisdom. You may have not always been perfect, but the gift of resilience

   is more important than anything. This was a gift for me." - Amy B.


• "Wanda, I read your book. I found it very helpful to read and know how you overcame so much hardship, to become

   the successful person and mother you are today. You gave me strength and you are very inspiring. "  - Carline H.


• "Funny, sad, poignant, very interesting and highly relatable. For those who've faced this tough challenge of being abused,

   your book will give them hope. And for those who've not, but faced other hardships, will also glean a lot.

   Excellent writing Wanda, congratulations."  - Nadine Christine - Writer/Producer


• "ATTA GIRL, she's KILLING IT!! You'll glean so much wisdom from this book, if you haven't ordered one,

   you'll want to! Proud of you, Wanda LaBounty Means XXOO"

   - Kim Harmon Gatlin, author of the best selling novel "Good Christian Bitches" which was adapted for an ABC Television series.


• "My book arrived today. Our mother died when we were 4, 5 and 6. My father remarried and my stepbrother molested me.

  And my grandfather molested my brother. I hurt more for him than me. I'm going to keep reading because you're the brave

  one and I need to process the pain through your words." - Ali B.


• "Wanda, I ordered your book and it arrived today. It's so well written with truth, warmth and sadness. I cannot move until I finish it.

   I am giving this to my daughter. Her father was like yourstepfather and abused her. I divorced him when she was 12,

   and then found out. I too, like your mother, married twice more thinking I was providing stability. Instead,

   I provided instability. You have truly moved my soul."  - SM


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